Reconcile groups of certain app didnt get to IDM Catalog, first thing we check is if the groups are created in ENT_LIST, while checking that we notice they dont get to ENT_LIST, looking at oim.log we saw following error:

java.sql.SQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException: ORA-00001: unique constraint (TST_OIM.UK_ENT) violated.

the constraints can have few reasons, one of them is having 'space' at end or beginning of ENT_CODE in LKV.

using following SQL will find which LKV are the root cause and must be fixed

select lkv_key,lkv_encoded from lkv

  where (lkv_encoded like ' %' or lkv_encoded like '% ')

  and lku_key in

    (select lku_key from lku where lku_meaning in

      (select sdp_property_value from sdp

        where sdp_property_name='Lookup Code'

        and sdc_key in (select sdc_key from sdp where sdp_property_name='Entitlement' and sdp_property_value='true')));