IdentityIQ - report filters syntex example

below example show how to add 2 filters in one query, in this case present all AD active accounts where the HR SOURCE is DISABELD and users are Internal

<LiveReport title="User Details Report">

            <DataSource defaultSort="name" objectType="Identity" type="Filter">


              <Parameter argument="identityApplicationStatus">



                            import sailpoint.object.*;

                            import java.lang.*;





                            Filter f = Filter.eq("","XXXX Active-                                            Directory");

                            Filter statusF = Filter.eq("links.accountStatus","Enabled");

                            Filter andF = Filter.and(f,statusF);


                            Filter fSap ="cl_LastActivityStatus","3");

                            Filter type = Filter.eq("type","internal");


                            Filter andFType = Filter.and(fSap,type);